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23 May

It's another three months," said Madhiraju."He says every time I talk to him that he’s very worried for Ahmed. He's worried about his psychological state being imprisoned for so long," he said.Ahmed was born in the United States and grew up in Pomona, a section of Galloway Township near Atlantic City, where the family still owns a home.“Given the current circumstances and our solidarity with the families of the dead, we are going to limit our celebrations to Easter Mass,” a statement from the church said.The church won’t put up any decorations or open the room where the congregation usually gathers to exchange greetings.The announcement came as the Egyptian government stepped up security efforts at churches before Easter Sunday.Egypt’s Coptic Church on Wednesday said the church would omit its usual Easter traditions this year to grieve with its members.It was the single deadliest day of violence directed against the Middle East’s largest Christian community in decades. But British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has canceled his visit over “developments in Syria.” SYRIA: In a speech following the missile launch, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley made the best case so far for a sound U. Also remarkable was the call for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign by Muqtada al-Sadr, the leading Shia cleric in Iraq (who sides with Iran and Hezbollah, which side with Assad).

Take flight over ancient Luxor with an optional hot air balloon rideearly this morning before exploring the West Bank of the Nile and the legendary Valley of the Kings.Minya is home to the country’s highest Coptic population.The deadly explosions in two Coptic churches in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria happened as the Christians gathered for Palm Sunday mass, despite some security presence.On day 9 there's an optional day trip to Giftun Island for swimming and snorkelling, which can be booked locally.I’ll begin as usual by rounding up my favorite comments from this past April before opening up the discussion on traveling in Egypt with Giulia, who writes Travel Reportage. I was fortunate to meet Giulia last May in Cairo, toward the end of her 9 month stay in the country.