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27 Feb

I first heard from Petrino in April when he sent this message to Outsports:"Thank you for all you do! Makes me happy young athletes these days won't feel alone. The problem was that he was adamant at the time that it not be a coming out story, which made it hard for us to agree on an angle.He explained that he came out to his family in 2012, right around the time his dad was fired as head coach at the University of Arkansas after he was involved in a motorcycle crash along with a female passenger who was not his wife. did not want to relieve that dark and painful time for him and his family."When we first talked about doing a coming out story, I initially was worried about bringing all those memories up again," he told me.Seit 2004 ist Mälzer ebenfalls gelegentlich in der Johannes B.Kerner Show "Kochen bei Kerner" zu sehen gewesen, sowie in der Sendung "Die Kocharena" auf Vox. was walking off the practice field at the University of Louisville one day last week with his dad, Bobby Petrino, the school’s head football coach.He had something to share with his father and wanted to tell him personally – he was about to come out publicly as gay in a new Louisville LGBT magazine. ’ and gave me a huge hug." The reaction was something Petrino, 25, could never have dreamed of when he was younger and feeling scared, isolated, lonely and depressed after realizing he was gay.Please do let us know whom we missed, and we'll relay that to Just A Ball Game as well - you can tweet us @outsports.Black Monday, the day after the conclusion of the regular season when NFL coaches who haven’t lived up to expectations find themselves unemployed, has come and gone.

Dann gab es einen Wechsel ins Abendprogramm von Vox mit der Sendung "Born to Cook“.Many of the women have been identified by Just A Ball Game, an organization that works to end anti-LGBT bias in soccer."While the men's professional game has been reluctant to be fully inclusive and supportive of anyone within the game who identifies as LGBT its generally regarded that football is much more accepting of women who are lesbian or bisexual," said Lindsay England, head of Just A Ball Game.There will be at least 17 publicly out women - 15 players and two coaches - at the 2015 Women's World Cup when it tips off in Canada this Saturday, June 6.That is exactly 18 more out LGBT players than the men had at their World Cup a year ago.