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01 May

The first settlement in the area occurred in 1803 at Sullivan Bay, and much of what is now Victoria was included in the Port Phillip District in 1836, an administrative division of New South Wales.

Named in honour of Queen Victoria who signed the division's separation from New South Wales, the colony was officially created in 1851 and achieved self-government in 1855.

Both men and women had their own set of rules of etiquette.

There was a rule of etiquette for almost everything you did in a day.

Victoria (abbreviated as Vic) is a state in southeast Australia.

Victoria is Australia's most densely populated state and its second-most populous state overall.

However the sentiment caught on and many children - Queen Victoria's included – were encouraged to make their own Christmas cards.

 We have been privileged to have been given access to an old cookery book dating fom late Victorian times which contains 100's of cooking recipes.

We have included a selection of these under their respective headings to allow our viewers to compare modern day recipes or maybe try the odd one out.

For men, there were rules about bowing, hat tipping, chaperonage, where to sit and next to whom, even about the circumstances in which it was correct or not to smoke or drink in front of ladies.

There was also a correct title for almost every type of profession, social standing and rank.