Validating java xml parser

23 May

class in Example 13.6, “Helper class to prevent DTD external entity resolution in Open JDK”.

Because external DTD references are prohibited, DTD validation (if enabled) will only happen against the internal DTD subset embedded in the XML document.

For an XML document to be based on an XML schema, the XML document is required to be validated with the schema.

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I say decent because it's well written, has a lot of information, and was useful to me. Which is why you can find this code on github, with tests and the ability to run it yourself if you've got sbt installed. XML object Load Xml With Schema The Schema Aware Factory Adapter is the main piece of code taken from the blog post I mentioned. Error Handler Wrapper.create SAXParse Exception(Error Handler at org.apache.xerces.Back I've posted about some features of Scala's XML library that I like before.And even showed a simple CLI example of validating XML generated by play.Because of the event-driven nature of SAX, processing documents is generally far faster than DOM-style parsers, so long as the processing can be done in a start-to-end pass.Many tasks, such as indexing, conversion to other formats, very simple formatting, and the like, can be done that way.