Updating xm

08 May

You should check the version of the image on the micro SD card used to flash the card by opening the file in the FAT partition.It should look something like this: CLoud9 GNOME Image 20 The last 10 characters on the right are the date of the release of the image.

Other favorites include comedy darlings Dane Cook, George Carlin, Steven Wright, Bill Cosby and Monty Python, as well as such classic performers as Bob Newhart, Henny Youngman, Mel Brooks, Rodney Dangerfield and Abbot and Costello.

XM Radio broadcasts three major talk radio programs that featured stand-up comedians and segments from the performers' previously recorded shows.

In September of 2001, Laugh USA was introduced, followed by Blue Collar Radio in November 2008 and Raw Dog Comedy in January 2004.

Sirius subscribers with Sirius Family Friendly, Sirius Plus The Best of XM, Sirius Mostly Music and Sirius News Sports and Talk — may need to perform a quick refresh for their radio.

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