Updating vdefhub zip

24 Mar

The following command should be on 1 line (no wraps): /i SAV10REBOOT=Really Suppress INSTALLSERVER=0 NETWORKTYPE=1 SERVERNAME=GIS RUNLIVEUPDATE=0 ADDLOCAL=SAVMain, SAVUI, SAVHelp, QClient /qb! The msi has been renamed to SAV10and can be run directly. SERVERNAME=GIS means that the name of the primary server that this client will look to for virus defs and program settings is called GIS. ADDLOCAL=SAVMain, SAVUI, SAVHelp, QClient means install all features except for the crappy email plugin that hoses the PC anyway. is an switch and is used to hide buttons on the installation dialog. It's best to do this install from a script because you're going to need to copy down the certificate file from the primary server to the C:\Program Files\Symantec Anti Virus\pki\roots\ folder on the client PC. You may also want to copy from the primary server to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition.5\ folder on the local PC. Had terrible time with mst for SAVCE 10.1.6000 client.

Basically it shows the install progress (and errors) but does not allow the user to cancel the installation. You'll need to do this so the client will communicate with the primary server and receive virus def updates. This makes sure all of SAV's programs settings and options (that you configured on the primary server) are implemented on the client PC. What worked was on a clean vmware session of XP SP2 I installed the package and made all my time schedule changes, quarantine/delete options, no scan network drives etc. Open regedit to HKLM/software/intel/landesk/virusprotect6 exported that registry key.

Before evaluating the software packages, determine the type of data you wish to see.This step may not be necessary are you are already identifying the primary server on the command line. If you're using a firewall or Windows Firewall (in XP), be sure to make the necessary exceptions (2967 TCP and perhaps a program exception of C:\Program Files\Symantec Anti Virus\Rtvscan.exe). Locate the newest virus definition located in program files/common files/symantec shared/virusdefs/ex..20070510.025 Select all files within and utilize winzip to add and replace the files within the which is file within the sav directory where the symantec is located.This is to not receive the virus defs older than 30 days message.I'm subscribed to a Symantec alert list but I also only see IPS update messages that aren't terribly helpful.There should have been-- and still should be-- better proactive communications on this considering the ramifications with NAC solutions. - Bill Hi Bill, On your "widespread definition lag" (I like the name) alert comment, what version of the software are you running?