The five stages of dating

16 May

Dating website e Harmony has “revealed” that we move through five stages of love – but they read more like the five scenes in a rom com.According to a psychological study of British couples, we’re all transitioning from “butterflies” to “building”, followed by “assimilation”, “honesty” and “stability”.Call it genetic predisposition or a historical evolution, but clients report these two basic needs.

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Once you’ve given up on faux-nonchalance, thrown off the pretence that you’re “not really looking for a relationship” and admitted that you both really do like each other – enough for the “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” titles – then the cutesy wutsey stuff begins.These women needed to be coached on what boundaries to establish in the beginning of their dating histories.There is no doubt that there is much confusion about dating roles, expectations, and responsibilities.Experts say grief has five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance.Much like grief (not ironically), online dating also has five stages.