Shia labeouf and kiely williams dating

22 Apr

Hilary Duff Duff was Shia's arm-candy in the early days.

They both started dating way back in 2002 when Shia and Hilary were just discovering the joy of puberty and Hilary was desperately trying to burst out of the Disney bubble.

Bonus: The Vampire Diaries fans will notice Tyler Lockwood plays one Michalka’s love interest. (Note: There was a Twitches sequel — and some other follow-ups and lesser remembered DCOMs — that didn't even land on this list.

Za rolę 17-letniego Kale'a Brechta, który podejrzewa, że jego sąsiad jest seryjnym mordercą w thrillerze D. Caruso Niepokój (Disturbia, 2007) otrzymał dwie nagrody Teen Choice Award.

W filmie Stevena Spielberga Indiana Jones i Królestwo Kryształowej Czaszki (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 2008) wcielił się w postać Mutta Williamsa.

Shia La Beouf was born on June 11, 1986 and his place of birth is Los Angeles, California, United States. He is only child of his parents and has no any sibling.

Shia is son of father Jeffrey Craig La Beouf and mother Shayna Saide. Shia La Beouf attended Alexander Hamilton High School.