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13 Apr

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I'm waiting for my wife in the mall, and watching breasts go by. Lana is wonderful to me, and I try my best for her. Four months in, she was giving perhaps a cup a day. Our friend Marge said we looked more "couple-y." And yes, my wife's lovely round C cups grew to a full D. Watching that bubbling up of the boobs always made my shorts a little tighter. The doctors said they could give me something for it, but they'd rather wait a month to see if it calms down, because I'm making SO MUCH." They giggled over that together, but then Jill got even quieter and said "Um, I understand if you don't want to, but . I mean, um, I want to feel someone AT my breast, just once, and . After the first cumload, she took me out and pointed my pole at her bobbling breasts. " I took her to bed and gave her all the cums she wanted. PART II As the weeks went by, we got very close with Jill.

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Some years back, she read about it on-line, and found herself getting really interested. So we started with regular nipple-sucking and herbal supplements. Jill's eyes got round as silver dollars, and she got very quiet. She's not jealous in a way that makes you crazy, but she has been . But you know and I know that some people just can't be secure about that. As soon as she was gone, Lana CLAMPED her mouth onto my cock, and the cum inside me lurched.

Hmm, my wife will get firmer, bigger breasts, and I'll spend more time with her. I had to think about it - for three seconds, perhaps. Her breasts are so smooth, too - the areolas and nipples shine, in the right light, y'know? But remember that to nurse, one has to take the nipple, the areola, and part of the breast into one's mouth, to drain out the milk that's built up in there. I'm trying to say that it made us both feel more sexy, but it usually a tender, sharing thing, not a hot-hot-hot-and-do-me-now thing. After one of our Monday dinners, Lana took me aside to tell me this: Jill was producing milk, and so Lana confessed OUR milky little secret. Or was she watching me to see if I would get all hot and bothered at the very thought? But she does NOT want to hear that I was looking at another woman, under most circumstances. For the record, I am nuts about her figure, her face, her style. She wouldn't meet my eye, but she said "You get SO much out of nursing from me . We relaxed together, had some wine (they didn't trouble to put their shirts back on) and eventually said goodnight.

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