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26 Mar

But the "Gossip Girl" actor, who still shares the small screen with Lively on the CW series, says he couldn't be more thrilled for the newlywed couple.

PHOTOS: SECRET CELEBRITY WEDDINGS "I'm so happy for her," he told People magazine about his ex's newfound love.

Still, not much seems to slow down Badgley, who's been working since he relocated from Seattle to L.

I mean, like anything valuable, it was good and it was bad and it was a learning experience.

Since their split, Lively has also been linked to Ryan Gosling and Leonardo Di Caprio, the latter from whom she split with last October.

A short time later, Lively and her "Green Lantern" costar Ryan Reynolds began to be spotted around town together, visiting one another on-set and in their respective hometowns. before an intimate gathering of 70 friends and loved ones.

We were very much caught up in the show, which itself was a six-year endurance test. I'm not saying that I've cheated, but, you know, being in an intense love with somebody while also feeling the pulls of being a young man, especially being an object of attention….

So glad there is no bad blood between exes Penn Padgely and Blake Lively.

After learning about the couple's surprise Sunday wedding, Lively's former lover said: What?!

Do you mean to tell us you don't have a plan to break them up?

Are you actually expecting us to believe that you don't have Blair Waldorf and Georgina Sparks waiting in the wings for their signal to swoop in and seduce Serena's new beau, proving him unworthy of her affections so you can whisk her back to your Brooklyn flat to live happily ever after?