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01 Feb

It was historic, because any way you slice it, Plant is the biggest rock star ever to live within Austin’s city limits. Since Plant moved here, in 2011, to live with Griffin, there’s been no shortage of people trying to guess the precise location of their South Austin home, of I-saw-him-at-the-H-E-B Facebook posts, of passersby scrutinizing Griffin’s left hand, attempting to figure out whether they’re married (they’re not).Before showtime on this particular night, many patrons kept an eye on the pool room tucked just behind the stage, where you could see an unmistakable blond mane poking out from a chauffeur’s cap.The cult singer/songwriter already connects with a legion of fans through songs detailing all manner of heartbreak and joy.But for her first album of new solo material since 2007's "Children Running Through It" (2010's Grammy Award-winning "Downtown Church" was a live recording), she says, "I wanted it to sound like I was in the room with you." To that end, she and producer Craig Ross hired her stage sound engineer Roy Taylor to rig up "a bunch of old microphones to get that local sound," while hunkered down at the "funky, lived-in" Zebra Ranch Studio located an hour outside of Memphis, owned by Luther and Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi All-Stars (both of whom play on the record).The rest of us are paying a larger percentage of our incomes than they are.

With some of Austin’s best sidemen in tow, the pair sang old Led Zeppelin songs: “Black Dog.” “Going to California.” “What Is and What Should Never Be.” A handful of others.But what made her Continental Club performance especially impressive was that she commanded that silence with a set of mostly new material, much of it deadly serious. Another drew a metaphor between an abandoned dog and God.And then there was the song about a soldier’s suicide.That’s what a rep for the former Led Zeppelin singer tells the Hollywood Reporter.In an article in the Independent last week, Plant seemed to confirm marriage reports that have been circulating for months.