Nick big brother 8 dating

14 Apr

The 24-year-old took to Twitter and Instagram this afternoon (May 24) to confirm that he is releasing new music in just two days time. May 26,” Nick captioned the Insta, which features the same words.

The new song will also feature British singer Anne-Marie and Mike Posner.

Chloe was in a mischievous mood after getting out of the shower, wrapped in only a towel. Chloe was pretty proud of herself, though."That's what you call a real girl," she said. "Just the other day, fellow housemate Kim Woodburn told Chloe that she should consider becoming a high-end escort instead of having sex on TV."If you're going to go into that industry, make some money! "Don't go and stand on a corner saying £20 for a blowjob.

She wandered over to the young singer while he was doing his hair."Ready for this?

" she said, before moving her towel to expose her bare bum and rubbing it over John – who tried to laugh it off."Jesus, what are you doing?

I did go around some of them but I don’t think that was the deciding factor in my second place win. I want to stay in this as long as I can, see what I can do with it, the publicity and everything.

Easter’s come early in today’s shopping task and Big Brother has organised an egg hunt.

Will Easter bunny Nick be able to follow the clues and find all the eggs? See what happened earlier in the task when Cristian got loved up.

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Nick came from a poor background living with his mother (his father is never seen or mentioned).