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16 Feb

I think that’s a massively valuable discipline for any artist”.

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After moving to America, Watts appeared in films, including Tank Girl (1995), Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering (1996) and Dangerous Beauty (1998) and had the lead role in the television series Sleepwalkers (1997–1998).After Raj's death, Ivy moves to Mexico with Diego Flores.Ivy is initially rivals with Naomi Clark, but the two later form a close bond.“My parents are both intellectuals and readers; my mother would take me to the library every few days from before I was one year old.” She attended Oxford and then the University of East Anglia to study creative writing before becoming a novelist. Her numerous strands of work often feed each other directly: game design taught her that “you have to leave room for your player.You can't write a thing that is hermetically sealed; there has to be a way for the audience to get in and participate.