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05 May

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America, it appears, lost the resolve to follow the road less traveled, the never-ending, obstacle-ridden path to perfection.“The real issue here is, this terrible thing happened, how did our governmental institutions respond? “And from everything we’ve learned, compulsively at every level, from the cops on the scene to the highest levels of government, they responded by circling the wagons and by fabricating a narrative that they knew was completely false.” To him this response is “part of a systemic problem” and preserves “the underlying conditions that allow abuse and shield abuse.” In April, the Chicago Tribune revealed Van Dyke’s name and his in the hours after the shooting.BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Police Department has arrested nine teens and is continuing to investigate after a group of mostly juveniles were caught on video assaulting a man in downtown Baltimore in broad daylight.Just six short years after a historic election, the promise and hope of President Obama leading the third leg of our racial relay race has been remade into a finish line. The recent legal proceedings and maneuverings that sparked unrest in Ferguson and New York and across our nation expose our monumental failure to build on and protect the gains won during the civil rights era. He conceptualized a Poor People's Campaign -- a connection between African-Americans' twice-as-hard journey and the struggle of the working poor -- designed to defend civil-rights gains from inevitable backlash.He visualized the poor, the vulnerable, the working class of all races coming together to uproot the political seeds planted to grow income inequality. Most of us are unaware that the Poor People's Campaign was the essential Phase 2 of the civil rights movement.