Liquidating damages calculation for hud Sexchat emails

23 Apr

Use a maximum amount or a maximum period for assessing liquidated damages if these limits reflect the maximum probable damage to the Government.

Also, the contracting officer may use more than one liquidated damages rate when the contracting officer expects the probable damage to the Government to change over the contract period of performance.

This, therefore, would be an appropriate circumstance for Richard to insist upon a liquidated damages clause in case Neal fails to perform.Use liquidated damages clauses only when— (1) The time of delivery or timely performance is so important that the Government may reasonably expect to suffer damage if the delivery or performance is delinquent; and (2) The extent or amount of such damage would be difficult or impossible to estimate accurately or prove.(b) Liquidated damages are not punitive and are not negative performance incentives (see 16.402-2).Damages that are sufficiently uncertain may be referred to as unliquidated damages, and may be so categorized because they are not mathematically calculable or are subject to a contingency which makes the amount of damages uncertain.For example, suppose Neal Townsend agrees to lease a store-front to Richard Odness, from which Richard intends to sell jewelry.