Lauren conrad dating my boys

10 Mar

He was very intoxicated at the time, and does not seem to recognize Lauren as the star she is, calling her 'blondie'.

They hit it off soon after meeting, and after Brian cracks a few lame jokes, Lauren laughs and says that he reminds her of her stepdad.

Somehow, mainly to do with alcohol, Brian ends up in the sack with Conrad, and this makes big news as Conrad is a celebrity.

But Jillian (Drew Barrymore) is really the only one on Brian's mind, and Graham and Brian and Stewie -- yes, Stewie -- do their utmost to stop Jilian's wedding. The main thing is to watch for the very final shot.

Not too long after In the spring of 2008, the California native rekindled a romance with minor leaguer Doug Reinhardt.

Last year I took a beginner’s ballet class and went and bought a pair of ballet shoes but looked like a damn fool the whole time. Most of us have trouble areas as well as areas that they like, I think."We were so young," Conrad has said of their ill-fated romance.As fans of the show well know, Colletti left Conrad for her high school rival, Kristin Cavallari.They called it quits in 2011 after three years of dating.It looks like a Hollywood "Hills" ending for Lauren Conrad!