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10 May

It is also the mission to provide space for activities leading to the enjoyment of the outdoors in an environmentally friendly manner.The last part of the mission statement deals with promoting the preservation and research of the unique historical and natural heritage of the surrounding community, especially species of concern.

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New York State Route 9P is a highway that runs along the southern end and eastern side of the lake, and then crosses its outlet in the north.

Certain kinds of people thrive at Kraft Heinz, one of the most ambitious and polarizing companies in the American food industry.

They're the types who can keep their desk clutter-free save for no more than two personal items, per company policy.

We begin with a stop at the center of Silver Lake Park, Silver Lake Nature Center.

This 235-acre complex is unique to Pennsylvania in that it harbors the best-protected Coastal Plain Forest left in the state.