Koh samui dating

23 Mar

In Thailand, gay men are not only welcomed they are embraced, and in general the Thai people will make you feel their home in your home.

The Englishman was taken to a police station at Maenam before being moved to Nathon police station for further questioning.At first, it was like a small house party on the beach: a few hippies and backpackers playing guitars, smoking weed, and having a few beers.But as word spread and more people showed up, it changed.They didn’t know a lot about the party, but they’d heard so much about it over the years, they knew they had to go. The mere mention of it conjures up images of a wild, alcohol-fueled beach party where people from around the world have a great time and dance until sunrise. You want to avoid overpaying or getting injured, find good accommodation, and make sure you’re still up at sunrise. Word got out, and more people started coming each month. And most importantly — how can you get there yourself? ) a group of backpackers threw a birthday party for their friend on the night of the full moon.