Kid sister dating a trak

08 Feb

People get more upset about the possibility they might have been called racist than the fact that their actions are racist as hell.

"It'll be done in the next couple of months," she told us with breezy confidence.

CHICAGO — Melisa Young — better known in the pop world as Kid Sister — has just gotten off a plane and stepped inside her North Side apartment for the first time in weeks.

“It’s nice to be home,” Young says with a laugh as she picks up the phone to start this interview, her last bit of business before she goes to sleep.

She started to rap in October 2006, becoming an MC at monthly dance parties hosted by DJ duo Flosstradamus (Josh Young, of Flosstradamus, is Melisa's brother), who were featured in MTV's My Block that same year.

In Fall 2009, Kid Sister finished recording her debut studio album.