Katrina campins and dating

14 Mar

Cindy was born February 20, 1966 in De Kalb, Illinois. She was discovered at the early age of 16 by photographer who found young Crawford during her summer job.

She became one of the most popular fashion models during nineties.

She has Armenia, Scottish, Dutch and English ancestry. She has two older sisters Kim and Kourtney, and also two cute half-sisters Kendall and Kylie.

When she was criticized, she said she’d wear a necklace of fetuses next time, to bring “awareness to 50 million aborted people that will never [get] to be on Twitter.” She did not stop there, adding “the liberals freaking out about my accessories are sexist.Kardashian married NBA basketball player Lamar Odom in 2009. Cindy Crawford is famous American fashion model with exceptional body measurements.When she was 22 years old, Cindy posed almost nude on Playboy cover.It depicts her on black and white picture, wearing only black thongs and covering her breasts by her hands. In 1995, she appeared in main role on Fair Game, thriller movie, as Kate Mc Queen.