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22 May

Eager to get involved, Katie began cooking at the tender age of 4 under the guidance of her mentor Grandma Dora.Using fresh vegetables from her grandpa’s garden and meat from the family’s cattle and pig farms, Katie quickly learned the value of seasonal ingredients."Osteen insisted that he does, but "in a positive way.""There's enough pushing people down in life already," he added."When they come to my church, or our meetings, I want them to be lifted up. There's a tradition that says you're supposed to take a vow of poverty if you're going to be a Christian, but I don't believe that.""But there are your critics, Joel, who feel like you put too much emphasis on materialism," Couric countered.Ever.” and “Beat Bobby Flay”,and Cooking Channel’s special “Beach Bites with Katie Lee.” Outside of her culinary and literary adventures, Katie sits on the Celebrity Board for Feeding America and is an active support for 96 Elephants.When not working or volunteering, she enjoys surfing, traveling and playing with her pug, Fionula. Check local listings » Katie Lee—co-host of Food Network’s The Kitchen—is known for her summer soirees, and in Endless Summer Cookbook, she shares more than 100 recipes that are staples at these parties.

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In 1988, shortly before her marriage to Jay Monahan, a lawyer based in Washington, Couric was hired as the No. invasion of Panama and the Persian Gulf War from her Pentagon position, as well as from a newly-created post at NBC's morning show, , she conducted many sought-after interviews with individuals such as First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Anita Hill, George Bush, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell and Jerry Seinfeld.In addition to her cookbooks, she published her first novel, Groundswell, in 2011.In addition to “The Kitchen”, Katie can be seen regularly on Food Network shows “Best.They were dating when Jessica discovered John was seeing Katie behind her back.Born Katherine Anne Couric, on January 7, 1957, in Arlington, Virginia, Couric was the youngest of four children of John, a retired journalist and public relations executive, and his wife Elinor.