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27 Jan

They dated briefly in the '90s, though Griffin has claimed publicly the two never slept together because he just wanted to cuddle.She also added: "He was a pretty freaky guy."February 2001 - May 2006Kathy Griffin was married to Washington DC native Matt Moline in 2001.

This list contains Kathy Griffin's famous exes like Steve Wozniak and Levi Johnston.

They announced their separation in 2008, claiming that they will remain pals.2009Kathy Griffin was rumored to be dating Levi Johnston.

On August 9, 2009, Griffin attended the Teen Choice Awards with Levi Johnston and subsequently interviewed him in her role as guest host on Larry King Live.

The star studded event isn’t scheduled to air on television anytime soon, so we’ve compiled a bunch of the best jokes made at the event and even found a video that’ll give you an idea of the fun vibe.

Jeffrey Ross, the defacto King of the Roast, had a whole bunch of gems.