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04 Mar

"But then they start getting into my stuff, and I say, 'They're cute.You can go home now.'" If only he could get rid of insensitive fans so easily.

"I said, 'Well, you can't smile every day,' and she answered, 'Oh, come on! '" Experiences like that make Vel Johnson, 47, eager to shed his "funny, nice guy" image, which he honed as the Twinkie-loving cop in the first two Die Hard movies before landing his Family Matters gig.

As a result, his character was re-written to be the best friend of Eddie Winslow (portrayed by Darius Mc Crary).

Harrison eventually joined the main cast in the 1992–1993 season.

"I think it would be cool to play a murderer," he says.

"Bad guys have more character." His former television costars would probably disagree.