Is patti dating john

30 Mar

hotspot Koi) Thursday night, the Bravo star introduced her new boyfriend to party guests on the red carpet, and couldn't help but gush when asked for details about her new mystery man. I knew what I wanted, he what he wanted." Krausse, for his part, was just as enthusiastic about their new romance.

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"His name is David [Krausse] and I met him online and he's a keeper," Stanger told Us Weekly, her new guy -- an "ex-baseball player turned mortgage broker" -- by her side.

We're big proponents of natural beauty over here, but sometimes, even the best need a little help to get by.

In the case of Patti Stanger, she admits that she didn't discover her personal best until she went under the knife. "So young, in fact, that she says Krause didn't believe her age when she told him and quickly introduced him to her friends at her 51st birthday party a year ago.

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