Identifying dating bottles

26 Mar

Glassblowers in Britain, Bohemia, Germany, and France made perfume bottles throughout the 19th century. Some of these were hexagonal and opaque (white, blue, and green were common colors), with knobby, pineapple-shaped stoppers.

This style was often used for dark beers like porters and stouts or non-alcoholic drinks like root beer or ginger ale.

Until the late 1800s, most beer was sold in kegs since bottled beer had to be consumed quickly or it would spoil.

But the advent of pasteurization in 1876 made it safe to bottle fermented products, and along with America’s growing rail system, the bottled-beer industry boomed.

, and decided to offer some of my collection so I could have more room for my perfume supplies All items are antique unless otherwise stated.

We are in very good standing with ebay and Dun & Bradstreet. Just email me to place an order or call for questions. One bottle is Orient Perfume and the other is Bouquet and made by Cardinal in New York. The bottoms of each bottle are marked patent pending.