Htc sensation friend stream not updating

16 Apr

The Friend Stream ensures that you will not miss an update from your Social Network.

A fun bonus is the Widget as background of the unlock-screen.

Serving as a successor to HTC's Touch FLO 3D software for Windows Mobile, Sense modifies many aspects of the Android user experience, incorporating additional features (such as an altered home screen and keyboard), additional widgets, re-designed applications, and additional HTC-developed applications.

Behold, the preview image for Sense 3.0's "Friend Stream" widget: For those not familiar with the reference, Jill Valentine is one of the main characters in the popular franchise, and the Nemesis-destroys-a-helicopter story was taken right out of the third game in the series. To find out, you'll have to wait for HTC Sense 4.0, which will introduce the revolutionary new "Nemesis Stream" widget.

T-Mobile very recently announced its brand new version of JUMP! Since it was announced we’ve been bombarded with questions, and I’ve been sent an internal communication (or five) that lays out virtually everything you could possibly wish to know about the new program. Each time you upgrade your phone the 18-month term starts again.

The recent launch of the Sensation in Europe sees HTC arriving fashionably late to the dual-core party, with a phone that combines a 1.2GHz chip with a brand new version of HTC Sense, and a new, sharper 4.3-inch q HD display.

HTC has a track record of consistently producing high-quality hardware and software, and so the Sensation instantly shot to the top of many consumers wish lists when it was announced just a couple of months ago.