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13 Mar

Clearly, parents need to stay vigilant no matter the age of their offspring.US child advocate and trained child forensic interviewer Ginger Kadlec has made it her life’s work to raise awareness of the worldwide epidemic of child abuse, and the role social media, and apps in particular, are playing.

It’s how they connect with one another, and the rest of the world.7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Up to his mom 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: K 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Or if he lets me jerk him off hahaha 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Hahaha 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Pornographic image of two men engaged in sexual intercourse 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: That’s all I want to do at the moment 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: To who??? 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: S’pose not 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Image of young naked boy posing with his rear to the camera 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Nice bum 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: I really wouldn’t mind doing it to u 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: In fact…I was fantasizing about it the other day 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: 🙂 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: I gotta go – she is shouting!Weiner's world finally came tumbling down on September 21, with the dramatic revelation by Daily of his months of sexting a 15-year-old high school girl.He told her he was 'hard'; that he 'would bust that tight p****'; sent her unclothed pictures; and told her he had rape fantasies about her. At the time of the sexts, Weiner was still married to Abedin - although he complained about their lack of a sex life to the girl - and caring for their son while she campaigned intensively for Clinton.