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09 Mar

The moment was kept light and jokey, but the message was clear: Women are to submit to their mean, self-centered husbands who are on the verge of cheating no matter what. Submission is to be mutual between a husband and a wife as stated in literally, the passage places two demands on a husband and only one demand on a wife.Husbands are to submit to their wives and love their wives as Christ loved the Church. Since the Bible clearly calls all Christians to love one another, certainly God calls wives to love their husbands as well.

On the contrary, it would be quite annoying if that same guy went out and spent his last five bucks on the Webster Dictionary for his wife to begin learning English (unless of course, he had already been learning her language on his own accord).

This is not to say that the wife should not seek to learn English; if she really cared to communicate with him then she would.

Both parties should seek to learn the others language out of genuine selfless love for the one another.

notes that the rate of arranged marriage divorces is actually dwarfed by the divorce rate of traditional modern marriages, implying, possibly, that love can blossom from even the most unorthodox of couplings.

The roller coaster of emotions that a man causes others to have.