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10 May

The decision was thus made to make WCW a heel group who was out to destroy the WWF.

On the July 9 episode of Raw Is War, when then-face WCW owner Shane was scheduled to face Page in a street fight, the two instead attacked The Undertaker, turning Shane heel (Page had already debuted in WWF as a heel, as part of a stalker angle with Undertaker and his wife).

It’s all too easy to dismiss domestic violence and abuse as a big city problem, and think it doesn’t exist here in Southeast Idaho.

Unfortunately, it does exist; and it is growing at an alarming rate.

This is also a great opportunity to remind children that you are open and available to discuss all subjects with them, even when the topic feels a little uncomfortable, like this the official magazine of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.Written primarily by Alliance front-line workers, this award-winning magazine, now in its 133rd year of publication, bears first-hand witness to what God is doing through the worldwide Alliance family while challenging its readers to go deeper in their walk with Jesus.The Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) name was brought in later to help boost the presence of WCW after the original promotion closed in April 2001.The original plan was for the WWF-owned WCW to be a babyface group, led by Shane Mc Mahon (who was the owner of WCW in the angle) to go against the heel owner of the WWF Mr. During May and June 2001, wrestlers identified as being "under contract to WCW" (such as Lance Storm and Hugh Morrus) "invaded" World Wrestling Federation programming, by making several run-ins.