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09 Apr

Reports of troubles between them started doing the rounds when the duo stopped appearing together on a TV series they were hosting.

After the initial episodes, only Arbaaz anchored the show while Malaika went missing, only to return to shoot for the finale.

First-date-appropriate, maybe not.__DO be able to spot the red flags.__I found Jess's initial naivete kind of sweet—"He asked me to the food court near his house; I thought he was down to earth and I like that"—but, let's be honest, there are certain offenses where you just have to draw the line. I need to find it." are generally not the smoothest moves.

Like in the case of the convict raisin farmer, the Michael Strahan lover, the guy who ate a chicken whole and live (feathers and all), and the Velcro shoe wearer (that one hit close to home—I once had a boyfriend who wore Velcro shoes). The aforementioned red flags illustrate the importance of a quick and believable exit strategy (Jess's were typically only the former). Have one handy that makes sense and is effective at getting you out of there, and fast. Spotting red flags and nipping them in the bud are both important, but so is having an open mind, as we learned in the case of date number 10.

Prepping your general reaction will help avoid knee-jerk statements like "OMG what IS this?

But don't worry, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Cece (Hannah Simone) actually tied the knot!

“Also, she’s growing into a woman, and needed to make some changes in her life." However, chances are that Kyga will reunite.

"She changes her mind like she changes her underwear though and Tyga has a habit of always managing to sneak his way back into her bed somehow," the source added.

(Yes, that is an old picture above, you didn't miss anything.)Where can their relationship go from here?

As for the wedding, here's how it went down: Schmidt pulled an Uncle Jesse and didn't actually make it to his ceremony on time, but not because of a parachuting detour.