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30 Apr

The goods could be purchased at the store or ordered via mail.

Your property most likely has valuable personal property assets very quickly recoverable using the combination of ICL’S “Controlled Liquidation” and “Auction” methods.

Electronics retailer Circuit City Stores reached an agreement with liquidators on Friday to sell the merchandise in its 567 U. stores after failing to find a buyer or a refinancing deal.

The company - which had been the nation's second-biggest consumer electronics retailer, employing about 35,000 employees - appointed Great American Group, Hudson Capital Partners, SB Capital Group and Tiger Capital Group as liquidators.

Calls to the Richmond, Va.-based company and the liquidators were not immediately returned.

It had been exploring strategic alternatives since May, when it opened its books to Blockbuster.

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Pensions experts say that the longer the talks go on, the harder it becomes to plug the deficit, which it is believed has ballooned from £571million in March to more than £700million, because of low interest rates and bond yields inflating its liabilities. is planning to liquidate all of its 26 stores after failing to find a buyer willing to keep some open.The Boston-based chain filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last month. Along with the Phenix City Kmart, the Sears store and the Kmart outlet at 3200 Macon Road are among 42 Sears locations and 108 Kmart stores nationwide targeted for closure in Sears Holdings’ latest downsizing round.On Friday, an employee at the Columbus auto service center said it will remain open.