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30 Jan

Finding these single foreign women is made easier through our expansive women profiles database.We also have the latest communication tools to enable you to enjoy an interactive dating experience with the foreign woman of your choice. Join now for free and meet the foreign woman of your dreams.use her name instead) or Maybe Hey, Do u talk to friends online or u just keep adding to keep your list busy.. Jokes aside it works for me, we might argue for weeks but at the end, we gonna be the best of friends, i luv this kinda friendhips cos u are more free with yourselves by beefing each other in a friendship manner (u ll really cherish the friendship when u both meet) Unlike those 2 stranger friendship chattings. mxm smoochie them 9ja ladies I hv on ma bbm will be like Me:heya Her:hi Me:how's u? Her:it was fine oo thank you for asking Me:y da silence? shadadicvila: Wow So many funny replies, @Ignis i am even older than your father,but this topic is not about age,even a 90yr old man will find it difficult chatting with girls of nowadays, Freecocoa,mynd, Revlution and Goldieluks tanx for your responses life_style: Nairaland used to be a place where you get advice and answers to your questions but reverse is the case nowadays, they now refer you to Mr google, waiting for my bullshit to drop is shi.t comment. school, work, likes, dislikes, marital status, kids and the kind of guy she will like to meet, when you are short of words, force force her to ask you some questions too. Girl: kthat is a good example of how most girls reply to guys online. Depending on your question, be ready to play along with the kinda reply u get o. That is my own piece of advice for u based on my personal experience. Her: I don't know what to say to u Me:du u mind if I delete u? Emmysteve: Boy: hello beauty Girl: hy (hi)Boy: how are you doing? Chattusa is a free online text chat rooms without signup or download, with us you can chat to strangers from United States of America and all the world, you can also find & meet single woman and man.

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Without bright, interesting photos you will be noticed by a very few Russian women.We live in the virtual age where human relationships are no longer bound to physical meetings.First chats are like first dates, where guys have no more than a few minutes to impress the girl.either u didnt check what u are posting or u havnt been chatting much with Naija girls, foreign girls are much friendlier, except if they just dont like [email protected] But most naija babez are always playing ''tough head'' stuff with ''forming'' even during chat all in d name of protecting some woman dignity, thinking every guy has got time to waste, mtcheeew, borin local champions. Take another example; Self: Howdy Freecocoa: Hi Self: oh, sowie, i mean HELLO HOW ARE UFreecocoa: fine Self: Oh good Freecocoa: k*End of discussion*this type of conversation replies, u shouldnt bother yourself and be the one sendin the last message, u should know the girl na local champion league type, (the "Fine, yes, k, kk type). 88Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. If you are looking to meet foreign women from all over the globe then International is the place to be!