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21 Mar

If you are having problems backing up to or restoring from i Cloud, this is likely not an issue with Whats App but with the i Cloud account.

If you are unable to create a backup, please try the following: If you have previously backed up your i Phone using i Tunes or i Cloud, you may be able retrieve your Whats App chats by restoring your i Phone from a previous i Phone backup.

Deleted messages are permanently deleted from your phone.

Read this article for information on backing up and recovering deleted chats.

Instead of deleting or clearing chat history, you may wish to hide conversations by using our Archive Chat feature.

Before deleting the group chat you will need to exit the group.

In addition, the phone number used for backing up and restoring must be the same.

You can change your default messaging app in Gmail to Google Chat.

You can save and search your Google Chat messaging history through Gmail. For voice and video chat, you need to download the Hangouts plug-in.

With Google Chat, you can send and receive instant messages with anyone using Google Chat, Hangouts, or certain third-party apps.

Gmail and other Google products with instant messaging use Hangouts as the default messaging app.