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23 Mar

Your first impression in your dating profile is your photo. Without a good profile photo you won't get a second glance. so often we end up dissatisfied with our photos but we have to live with them for a few years.

Thank you for the beautiful edits – I found them all very easily, & am choose among them for my current professional photo. Thank you for being so enthusiastic & accommodating throughout this whole process – it’s hard! (c) Headshot, Jason, producer – Hi Kseniya, Thank you for your work. You were able to make a monster look human : P With city view very well.

According to research by Cisco, in 2012 4G Smartphones used 1,302 MB per month in data, and forecast that to grow to 5,114 MB by 2017 - an increase of 292 per cent within five years.

Meanwhile tablet usage is set to increase from 820 MB to 5,387 MB in 2017 (up 556 per cent).

Hook-up websites: If you’re looking for something that’s purely physical, that’s totally cool! Instead of wasting everyone’s time hanging around on traditional dating sites hoping you’ll get lucky, look for an adult oriented hook-up website that’s designed for singles looking for a no strings attached, casual encounter. Casual dating: If you’re not ready for a serious commitment but you’re interested in more than a random hookup, casual dating is for you.

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Email was the most common function of the work devices surveyed, followed by video usage and social networking.

In creating a hetero version, Simkhai purported to make it more about "friending" than booty-hunting by enabling users to search for hook-ups via interests, hobbies and so on.

The fact that it also encloses photos and location data means, however, that the end result is much the same: spend a week on the site and you'll find that, at most, 20 per cent of the contacts you make are looking for cerebral connection, the other 80 per cent are looking for sex.

Casual dating provides you with the flexibility to test the dating waters and connect with lots of people without having to set an end goal of finding “the one” (however, sometimes casual dates do lead to more!

) Here are a few of the best casual dating websites: 1.