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06 May

“But on my next date, I’m going to try.” Women have made huge strides in business.We have climbed to the top of companies, built million-dollar businesses and forged into traditional male professions.This fella’s first car made it so much easier for him to chase girls.While on a blind date, Alexandra Arguelles found herself behaving as if she were interviewing a candidate for a job.“I caught myself asking him question after question and trying to control everything.” Afterward, she says she felt as if she had been at a business dinner.

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The rest of the month also proves particularly busy, with a predicted 27 per cent increase in communication between members and more than a million messages sent on e Harmony site alone.

The site isn’t just restricted to drivers; non-drivers can also use the site as also works like a traditional dating site, allowing you to search users based on a number of criteria and then message anyone you are attracted to.

A spokesperson for comments, “The idea for came about as a result of hours spent alone in rush hour traffic, where the only social interaction outside the vehicle was a simple smile and perhaps a wave with other equally frustrated and bored drivers.

Ask the growing army of high-earning women and they will say men are intimidated by their professional and financial success, making it difficult to date and marry. “You can’t treat your husband, boyfriend or date like an employee.” Fewer Americans are married today than at any point in at last 50 years, according to a 2011 Pew Research study.

The causes and consequences are the subject of much debate.