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31 Jan

Giving them the knowledge of what’s appropriate and inappropriate teaches them to speak out against harmful touch and unwanted behavior.

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Parents and teachers of kids with special needs might talk a lot about “boundaries.” Personal boundaries, social boundaries, emotional boundaries—understanding these social rules is crucial for kids, teens, and young adults with special needs, intellectual disabilities, and individuals on the autism spectrum because they often experience communication, socialization, and behavior difficulties.

But why are boundaries so important in teaching social skills?

This Zondervan Groupware TM is appropriate for groups of any size, in any setting. It put a new perspective on what it means to date and what it means to have a companion. There are emotional boundaries and limits on behaviors.

It brings it back to the friendship as a fundamental foundation - not as a method of cruel self-denial or asceticism or frigidity but as a method of exercising some control over emotions and one's own investment. It is a guide not just for dating bu I really enjoyed this book.