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17 Mar

Lavigne distinguished herself from other teen pop stars who flaunted their sex appeal and showed a lot of skin, embracing instead a tomboyish "pop punk" style.Lavigne has launched a fashion and lifestyle line for young women called Abbey Dawn (after one of Lavigne's childhood nicknames), in conjunction with American retailer Kohl's in 2008.I got my start in church and at country fairs when I was a young child, and I think those earlier influences are definitely coming out now." Though no music is available from the still-untitled record yet, Lavigne thinks she has a song in mind for the first single -- one that came to her "when I was in bed and literally felt like I was dying...Avril Lavigne is a Canadian pop star who signed a multi-million dollar recording contract at age 16 and made a splash less than a year later with her debut album, Let Go.Avril Lavigne partnered with Procter & Gamble to release a line of fragrances.Could Ryan Cabrera and Avril Lavigne be the new power couple of the early 2000s?) One night, you won’t forget the rest of your life So come on over to the wild side Buckle up and baby hold on tight Miss me, miss me, now you wanna kiss me We both know that you love me cause I'm so bad [Chorus] [Bridge: Avril Lavigne] I’ve been a bad girl I've been a bad girl I'll be your bad girl I'll be your bad girl I've been a bad girl I've been a bad girl I'll be your bad girl A fucking bad girl! I remember listening to “Bad Girl” and thinking he would just take the track to the next level.

“We would like to take the opportunity to address the made-up, previously reported and published stories/statements released about Ryan being kicked out of his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, leaving him without a place to live,” the rep told us. His split from his ex-girlfriend was amicable and the two of them never lived together.1 single, Avril Lavigne has some big news for fans.The pop singer-songwriter has signed with a new record label, BMG, and plans to have a new album out before the end of 2017 -- her sixth, and first since 2013's self-titled effort."I challenged myself as a songwriter and I wanted to write about topics I hadn't hit on before," Lavigne tells over email of her process behind the upcoming record.To date, Lavigne has earned eight Grammy Award nominations, won seven Canadian Juno Awards, and sold more than 30 million albums and nearly 20 million tracks worldwide since her first album debuted.Lavigne is also an actress, with small roles in several feature films.