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27 Feb

In their recent Abu Dhabi trip, it was spotted that both Drake and Rihanna were trying their best to avoid and ignore each other.Fans have been waiting for a sex scene from Rihanna and finally it happened.There has always been confusion between the relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna.Some believed that the two are trying their best to ignore each other while few speculated that both are still in love and is very willing to give second chance on each other.“That made Chris smile,” the site claimed of the text interaction between Brown and Rihanna that supposedly went down earlier this month.“[Rihanna’s] always giving him attitude and making him work it and he loves that about her.” The latest reconciliation rumors to swirl around Rihanna and Chris Brown come after weeks of speculation that Brown is now trying to win back the “We Found Love” singer now that she’s no longer dating Drake.

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People closest to Brown admitted that the rapper has been very mature in life, changing his perspective to a more serious one, balancing it out with gentleness and feministic approach in life.

Chris Brown swears he’s a new man — and this time Rihanna actually believes him, Radar has exclusively learned.

Insiders have revealed the former couple, who famously split in 2009 after she was left battered and bruised, has even taken tentative steps towards a romantic reunion.

"I commend this wonderful little girl and her mother most of all for being able to understand the hurt that a child may go through but the willingness to love yourself and be GREAT LIKE THE YOUNG KINGS AND YOUNG QUEENS WE ALL ARE!

" Drake On Great Distance With Ex-Girlfriend After Chris Brown-RIhanna Dating Issues Meanwhile, it has been reported that Drake is keeping a great distance with his ex-partner Rihanna after knowing the issues arising that is related to the singer.