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07 May

Teasing, gold-digging chorus girls and dressing rooms were also featured in the Warner Bros.' musicals Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) and 42nd Street (1933).

[Errol Flynn's frequent sexual notoriety and exploits with women led to the coining of the phrase: "In like Flynn."] Tough, free-loving, ruthless and sinful women, self-reliant and sex-enjoying ingenues, and other adventurous vamps were on display in mainstream, adult-oriented, early 30s Hollywood films that frankly portrayed uninhibited sex, women with babies out of wedlock, and excessive violence.

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Many of the film's titillating titles hinted at unmentionable film content and taunted the censors: Actress Barbara Stanwyck starred in a number of pre-Code films that produced a furor, and helped to speed the end of sexual freedom, although much of the sexuality was implied and muted.

The films included the naughty Night Nurse (1931) with Joan Blondell and Stanwyck as nursing school trainees often undressing and appearing in their lingerie, and Warner Bros.' risque Baby Face (1933) with physically attractive Stanwyck seductively and sexually aggressive in using men for her ascent within the New York City banking world.